Wir rufen zur Einreichung von best practice Projekten der österreichischen Landschaftsarchitektur auf, als nationaler Beitrag für die IFLA Europe Exhibition of landscape architecture projects in Europe. Aus allen Einreichungen werden die hochwertigsten 3 Projekte zur Veröffentlichung im virtuellen Katalog sowie das beste Projekt zur Veröffentlichung im Printkatalog ausgewählt. Einreichungen sind bis 10.05.2022 möglich.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the contemporary role of landscape architects in creating space. Its conventionally perceived task – to create and preserve beauty in the surrounding of human habitations – has expanded considerably. Environmental challenges, climate change and the living conditions of the inhabitants of larger and larger cities oblige us to take nature beyond the emphasis on aesthetic perspectives. In design, planning and management of landscapes, landscape architects face a contemporary challenge: thinking of nature as a subject, understanding its principles and respecting its needs.

Nature is again becoming a necessary, full-fledged part of landscapes transformed by man. It must underlay and penetrate all types of landscape, so that man can use its power in his efforts to build healthier and happier places to live. Life is broadly understood as the coexistence of people and nature. As recently experienced, the weather anomalies, protracted pandemic restrictions and still more and more obvious loss of (bio)diversity everywhere, we have become thoroughly convinced of the role of nature in the immediate and more distant surroundings. Its key impact on the broadly understood environmental balance, the microclimate of the places where we live, and the human psyche have become much more evident.

IFLA Europe exhibition will present projects conceived and created in close connection with the nature. It will include large and small-scale implemented landscape architecture projects showing the forces of nature as well as exposing nature’s rights, role and importance.
IFLA Europe exhibition will present an overview of realised landscape architecture projects from all over Europe which are realised in harmony with the nature and using nature-based solutions. Implemented projects will show work of landscape architects working either individually or in multidisciplinary teams. Realised projects will promote environmental as well as aesthetic value.

Technical requirements for submitted project
Folgende Informationen und Unterlagen sind bis spätestens 10.05.2022 an die ÖGLA (sekretariat@oegla.at / Betreff: IFLA Europe Exhibition 2022) zu senden:

  1. project data: country, title, author, exact address, investor, main contractor, budget, completion.
  2. project description up to 1200 characters with spaces in English
  3. five photos of each project (resolution: shorter side min 2500 PX) with the information of the author of the photo, among them one photo indicated as a representative picture
  4. simple site plan or scheme that will be placed on the board in a similar way as below
  5. the quality of the projects as well as the quality of the graphic material is crucial. Photographs should be taken by professional photographers
  6. Projects need to be implemented in the past 5 years (2017-2021)

Previous edition website can be seen here:
All material of Exhibition 2018 can be downloaded HERE
Beispielblatt für Abgabeformate